Blaziverse Dapp

This page highlights the products and services available within the Blaziverse Dapp.

The Blaziverse is the Player's home base - a Web 3.0 dApp designed as the central hub of the MetaBlaze Universe.

Players can expect to be able to do the following (and more!) within the Blazeiverse dApp:

  • Update Account Information

  • View Player Statistics

  • Access Portal to the MetaMinez Game Lobby

  • Access Portal to the Galaxia Blue Game Lobby

  • Purchase Consumable Boosts

  • Purchase NFTs

  • Purchase $MBLZ Tokens

  • Convert Account Balances to $MBLZ Tokens

  • View Assets in the BlazeVault

Account/Profile Tab

The Account/Profile Tab serves as a Master Summary of your entire MetaBlaze Account. On the Account Tab, you can:

  • View your current account level

  • View your $MBLZ token account balance

  • Change your profile picture

  • Update your account wallet addresses

  • Update your account information

  • Contact the MetaBlaze Customer Service team

MetaMinez Game Lobby and Launcher Tab

The MetaMinez Game Lobby lists each MetaMinez game instance that is available for registration, is currently running, or has recently been completed. From the MetaMinez Game Lobby Tab, you can:

  • Launch the MetaMinez game

  • View upcoming/scheduled game instances

  • Register for a game instance

  • Check the status of game instances that are currently in progress

  • View results of completed games

  • View the Leaderboards

    • Individual MetaMinez Rankings - each completed MetaMinez game instance offers additional rewards to the top-performing players.

    • Season MetaMinez Rankings - a Season consists of a set of completed MetaMinez game instances. Seasons vary in length and offer additional Rewards to the top-performing players.

Galaxia Blue Game Lobby and Launcher Tab

In the Galaxia Blue Game Lobby, you can conveniently view and access various levels, track your progress, unlock achievements, and participate in the rewards pool. From the Galaxia Blue Game Lobby Tab, you can:

  • Launch Galaxia Blue

  • View levels and progress

  • View rewards pool allocation and distributions

  • View Player results of completed levels and your position/share of the rewards pool

  • View level-by-level completion time Leaderboards

MetaBlaze Marketplace Tab

The MetaBlaze Marketplace is the best place to get your hands on MetaBlaze products and services. Through the Marketplace you can:

  • Purchase $MBLZ Tokens without leaving the Blaziverse

  • Purchase all on-chain and off-chain NFTs and assets

  • Purchase Moon Capsules containing amazing prizes

  • Purchase in-game and out-of-game Boosts

  • Buy/Sell and P2P trade of MetaBlaze on-chain and off-chain digital assets

BlazeVault Tab

As you accumulate your MetaBlaze Assets, they will automatically appear in your BlazeVault. This includes:

  • NFTs

  • Terranzinite Crystals (MetaMinez game rewards)

  • Consumable Assets

Within the Blaziverse dApp, Players can participate in ecosystem games, events, and experiences directly derived from the narrative of Galaxia Blue. As we continue to expand and develop the Blaziverse, we are committed to providing increasing utility for all our existing and upcoming NFT Collections. The same holds true for our token, $MBLZ.

When you hold a MetaBlaze Digital Asset, you are not only holding whatever current function is assigned to it but also holding whatever future functions may be assigned to the Asset.

This unique approach ensures an increasing purpose for all MetaBlaze digital assets. Each new game will increase use cases for the existing assets in our ecosystem. Our products are designed to be expansive and interoperable. A Player should never feel left out for not owning a specific Asset – but those who own them all will earn greater rewards.

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