MetaBlaze Litepaper

A short and simplified version of the MetaBlaze Whitepaper.

About Us

MetaBlaze is crafting a narrative-driven universe where storytelling is not just an element but the foundation connecting our diverse gaming ecosystem. By integrating rich lore and engaging narratives into each aspect of our platform, we ensure that every game, digital asset, product, and experience is part of a larger, dynamic story.

"We harness blockchain and AI technology to create Web3 entertainment experiences through the art of storytelling, enigmatic gameplay, and purpose-driven digital assets."

MetaBlaze Ecosystem Overview

  1. $MBLZ Utility Token: The digital currency, crafted for gaming in the MetaBlaze Universe. The $MBLZ token is the essential medium for transactions and interactions across the ecosystem.

  2. MetaBlaze NFTs: These aren't just collectibles but purpose-driven digital assets with direct in-game utility, providing tangible benefits and enhancing the player's journey.

  3. Blaziverse Decentralized Application (dApp): The central hub for users to play games, manage assets, mint NFTs, view rankings, and more.

  4. Galaxian Guide (GG): GG is an AI gaming assistant that offers strategy tips based on its extensive knowledge of the game's story and mechanics.

  5. MetaMinez Craft-to-Own (C2O) Game: Mine, Craft, Trade & Earn in this simple strategy game. Deploy Goblin NFTs onto the SES Moon to extract valuable resources used to craft new in-game assets that may be traded via p2p marketplace and interoperate with future games.

  6. Galaxia Blue Solve-to-Earn (S2E) Game: A story-driven Escape Room game where solving puzzles is key to unravelling the mysterious past of a war-torn galaxy. Assets crafted in MetaMinez are interoperable with Galaxia Blue.

  7. G Node Explorer Mobile App: A digital observatory into the MetaBlaze Universe, offering interactive exploration, rich lore, and community collaboration features.

The subsequent pages in the whitepaper provide a deeper exploration of these elements, detailing how they integrate to form a unified and interactive gaming universe within MetaBlaze.

$MBLZ Token Overview

"Digital currency, crafted for gaming in the MetaBlaze Universe."

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$MBLZ is the native currency in the MetaBlaze Universe, a multi-functional utility token that is fundamental to the gaming ecosystem and user interaction.

  • Ecosystem Pillar: As a reference currency, $MBLZ token streamlines liquidity across the MetaBlaze platform, facilitating a cohesive ecosystem. It's the primary unit of exchange for peer-to-peer trades and marketplace transactions

  • In-Game Transactions: $MBLZ is seamlessly integrated into MetaBlaze games, facilitating all in-game and marketplace transactions, and providing access to exclusive premium content

  • Crafting Gas: The $MBLZ token serves as the essential crafting 'gas' in game, playing a key role in merging in-game resources and crafting new in-game assets

  • Security: The token's infrastructure is built on a secure and transparent blockchain, ensuring transaction integrity and player privacy. $MBLZ audits performed by Certik

Overall, $MBLZ is positioned as a versatile token with extensive utility designed to support and enhance player interaction, game progression, and community trust.

$MBLZ Tokenomics

Technical Details:

  • Total Supply: 160,000,000,000 (160 Billion)

  • Initial $MBLZ Circulating Supply: 8,892,000,000

  • Launch price: $0.0002

  • IMC (Initial Market Cap) at Launch: $1,798,400.00

  • Valuation at Launch: $25,600,000.00

MetaBlaze NFTs

"Purpose-driven digital assets designed for interoperable gaming experiences and increasing utility."

MetaBlaze NFTs are crafted as player-focused digital assets, each serving a functional role in the gaming ecosystem and embodying characters across the universe. These NFTs not only provide existing in-game utility but will increase in utility as the ecosystem evolves.

Current MetaBlaze NFT Collections

  1. MetaRoyals: An exclusive series limited to only 200 NFTs, providing owners with premium benefits and distinctive status within the ecosystem.

  2. MetaGoblins: A widespread collection of 10,000 NFT specifically tailored for gameplay in the Craft-to-Own game, MetaMinez.

  3. AI MetaChip: A unique collection capped at 1,000 NFTs, each enabling the integration and access to an AI-powered, in-game companion: GG (Galaxian Guide).

Learn more about MetaBlaze NFTs here.

Blaziverse Dapp: Central Hub

"The Central Hub of the MetaBlaze Universe."

The Blaziverse dApp is the gateway to the MetaBlaze universe, providing players with a range of features and tools.:

  • Play games

  • Mint and manage NFTs and $MBLZ tokens

  • Access to AI-powered game companion, GG

  • Store game assets securely in the BlazeVault

Account/Profile Management:

Here you can:

  • Track your account level and $MBLZ balance

  • Customize your personal profile

  • Update wallet addresses and contact details

  • Reach out to customer service for support

Learn more about Blaziverse Dapp here

Galaxian Guide (GG) | AI Powered

"Channeling R2D2's legacy, 'GG' is your Web3 co-pilot in the MetaBlaze Universe."

Galaxian Guide debuts as the premier AI-enabled game companion in the realm of Web3 gaming, bringing a new layer of engagement to the player experience.

This proprietary AI game companion is equipped with extensive knowledge about the MetaBlaze universe, providing players with real-time assistance on lore and gameplay mechanics.

GG is continuously evolving to expand its knowledge base in sync with the gaming environment to enhance the players' experience.

MetaMinez: Craft-to-Own

"An Easy-to-Play Strategy Game Where Players Mine, Craft, Trade, and Earn."

MetaMinez Game Trailer

Amidst the ruins of Galaxia Blue's Great War, the MetaGoblins are in a dire situation. The rare Terranzinite crystal, the lifeblood of their world, is dwindling fast, threatening Glozark's existence.

But hope arrives in the form of a daring deal with the powerful MetaRoyals. The MetaGoblins will reveal the location of the SES Moon, filled with precious Terranzinite crystals, in exchange for a share of the bounty.

This critical exchange marked the genesis of operation "MetaMinez," a daring mission to salvage the future of Glozark.

And so, a game was born.... This is where the player's journey begins.

MetaMinez is an easy-to-play strategy game where players deploy Goblin NFTs onto the SES moon to extract resources and earn in-game rewards that have real-world value.

Here’s how it works, step by step:

  1. Mining for Resources: Send Goblin NFTs to the SES moon to mine Terranzinite Crystals and crafting materials.

  2. Craft and Trade: Use your earnings to craft new assets and dominate the marketplace for intergalactic trade.

  3. Earn Ownership: Every resource you mine and the item you craft is yours. Crafted items will be interoperable with subsequent games and tradeable within a P2P Marketplace.

MetaMinez Game Demo

For more details about MetaMinez, see our whitepaper here.

Galaxia Blue: A Solve-to-Earn Escape Game

"From the crafting tables of MetaMinez to the riddles of Galaxia Blue – solve-to-earn on your way to becoming a true Galactic Hero."

Galaxia Blue combines strategic thinking with an interactive and engaging narrative, offering a unique gaming experience where solving puzzles earns rewards.

What sparked the Great War in the Galaxia Blue galaxy remains unknown, but finding out is at the heart of Galaxia Blue, a new escape room-style game.

Galaxia Blue is interconnected and interoperable with MetaMinez, allowing players to use objects they've crafted to solve puzzles in Galaxia Blue.

Development temporarily postponed.

Learn more about Galaxia Blue here.

G Node Explorer App

"Your handheld telescope to the stars and stories of Galaxia Blue."

The G Node Explorer app is set to be your go-to tool for diving into the Galaxia Blue universe on your phone. Though its development is on hold, this app will be key for connecting players and providing essential information about the game's world.

Main Features:

  1. Accessibility: Planned for both iOS and Android, the app will offer easy navigation between the traditional mobile app space (Web2) and the decentralized app version (Web3).

  2. Cross-Platform Bridge: Web2+Web3 integration; users may seamlessly toggle between mobile app to the Blaziverse Dapp.

  3. Information Hub: G Node is designed to be packed with information on the Galaxia Blue universe, from backstories to character details, along with an interactive map to aid exploration.

  4. Deep Story Engagement: Delve into detailed stories of the Galaxia Blue characters, adding depth to your gaming experience.

  5. Community and Connectivity: It's not just about game info; G Node will enable players to connect, form alliances, and share their achievements.

  6. Social Features: With user profiles, achievements, leaderboards, clans, and guilds, G Node aims to make the gaming experience more social and connected.

In essence, G Node Explorer will be an essential informational companion for anyone immersed in the MetaBlaze universe, enhancing both the individual and community gaming experience.

Development temporarily postponed.

Learn more about G Node here.

IRL Events

"Transforming Digital Gameplay into Real-World Gaming Experiences."

MetaBlaze aims to innovate at the intersection of gaming and reality, curating gaming experiences that transcend the screen and bring virtual interaction to life in the real world.

Bringing ideas to life

In April 2023, MetaBlaze bridged the gap between virtual and physical gaming, launching live, interactive gaming experiences in the heart of New York City.

Our debut partnership with NFTNYC featured "Escape Reality," a hybridized gaming experience that combined a real-world gaming experience enabled through 3D projections, holograms, and blockchain technology.

Escape Reality | Live in NYC | NFTNYC 2023

The objective of the game was simple: solve complex riddles in the fastest time.

A mobile app presented the player with various riddles to decrypt, prompting the player to explore a 3D environment projected in a physical space and locate 3D objects containing hidden QR codes.

Players raced to scan QR codes in correct order for top spots on the leaderboard.

Near-term Roadmap

Amid the rapid evolution within the Web3 sphere, we are acutely aware of the necessity to remain nimble and responsive to emerging trends.

In light of this, our near-term roadmap is intentionally curated to extend to mid-2024. This deliberate approach allows us to maintain flexibility and adaptability in our planning, ensuring our strategies are finely attuned to the ever-changing Web3 landscape.

As we advance, rest assured that our commitment to innovation will guide our continuous updates far beyond 2024, aligning our trajectory with the dynamic pulse of the industry.

Q2 2023

Q3 2023

Q4 2023

Q1 2024

Q2 2024

Certik Audit | KYC

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At MetaBlaze, we prioritize the security of our Smart Contracts and platform. We conduct comprehensive audits to examine the code for vulnerabilities and ensure the contracts are designed as intended. This is critical to prevent potential exploits.

Additionally, we have a Comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) Badge from Certik, indicating our dedication to transparency and building trust within our community.

We are committed to security and use CertiK's Skynet to continuously monitor our smart contracts with advanced AI, monitor growth metrics, and protect against market anomalies like flash loans and liquidity issues.

View MetaBlaze's Certik profile here.

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