MetaMinez Game Terminology

Terranzinite Crystals

Terranzinite Crystals are the rewards that Players earn in MetaMinez. Each MetaMinez mine has a predetermined number of Terranzinite Crystals, which contain rewards such as:

  • $MBLZ tokens

  • Shards (Frozen Silver, Layered Stone)

The fiat valuation of each Terranzinite Crystal may vary due to a fluctuation in cryptocurrency prices from the time the crypto was encased in the Terranzinite Crystal and the time it is opened by a player.

Mine Terrain Type

Each MetaMinez game instance has a Terrain Type within its Mine. The following Terrain Types are present on the SES Moon:

  • Carbon

  • Glacial

  • Igneous

  • Sedimentary


To play MetaMinez, you must own a MetaGoblin NFT or a Goblineer to serve as your Miner. When you enter a Mine, the game will display a list of your available MetaGoblin NFTs and Goblineers to choose from.

You may recall that each MetaGoblin NFT includes a Land Focus Type, which tells you the Terrain Type the MetaGoblin is best suited to mine or work in. A MetaGoblin NFT with a Land Focus Type matching the Mine's Terrain Type will receive an additional Player Score calculation bonus. A MetaGoblin NFT may be used in as many games as you want as long as it has time to refresh/rest after a game is completed.

Don't worry - even if your MetaGoblin doesn't match the game instance's terrain type, it can still enter the Mine but won't receive a bonus.


Goblineers are inexpensive Off-Chain workers that can only be bought in the MetaMinez game. Goblineers come with a land focus and may only be used once. Goblineers are perfect for those Players that want to enter a MetaMinez game instance without making the monetary commitment associated with owning a MetaGoblin NFT.

Pro Tip - Don't discard your Goblineer after you've used it in a game instance. It just might come in handy in the future.

Note: Goblineer NFTs do NOT receive Rarity or Land Focus Bonuses!


Mining Terranzinite is difficult - even for those as skilled as MetaGoblins and Goblineers. To assist them in their endeavors, Players can use Tools, which help increase a Player’s share of the Rewards Pool prizes if they bring the correct Tool into a Mine Terrain Type.

A Tool may only be used once and then it is consumed at the end of a mining operation.

Types of Tools:

  • Chisel

    • Featuring a Crystalline Edge and Standard Issue Handle, the Chisel makes short work of stubborn ice in Glacial mines. If a Player is equipped with a Chisel and enters the Glacial mine, their score is boosted.

  • Drill

    • Bore your way through the toughest Igneous rocks with the Drill, which is built with a Motorized Core and uses a common Crystalline bit. Watch out…it can overheat. If a Player is equipped with a Drill and enters the Igneous mine, their score is boosted.

  • Hammer

    • A Hammer has an Energy Diffuser to help offset vibration transference issues and allow you to crack through walls. If a Player is equipped with a Hammer and enters the Carbon mine, their score is boosted.

  • Pickaxe

    • Sift through layer after layer of silt, dirt, and mud with the Pickaxe. Assembled with a Common Crystalline Edge and Standard Issue Handle, it’ll get the job done - at least for a while… If a Player is equipped with a Pickaxe and enters the Sedimentary mine, their score is boosted.

Players that own a MetaGoblin may purchase a special type of tool - the Evergreen Tool - that never expires or gets consumed. The Evergreen tool works exactly like the regular tools, but it allows the MetaGoblin owner to enter a mine with not just one, but two tools attached.


Shards are obtained by processing Terranzinite Crystals and they are used in crafting.

Types of Shards:

  • Hardened Diamond

    • Second in hardness to only Usternium, a Hardened Diamond Shard is a fibrous-styled diamond that develops over time with the help of unique energy influences within Terranzinite Crystals.

  • Volcanic Glass

    • Isolated and condensed within a Terranzinite Crystal, Volcanic Glass Shards are surprisingly durable and reliable in crafting endeavors. Utilized in many crafting recipes and essential to have in your inventory.

  • Layered Stone

    • Only within a Terranzinite Crystal can a Layered Stone Shard be formed. They are light, durable and oftentimes utilized in Dwarven (and other) crafting recipes.

  • Frozen Silver

    • Though they normally must remain in near absolute-zero temperature controlled environments, Frozen Silver Shards that form within Terranzinite Crystals do not melt, even when submerged in molten lava. Frozen Silver Shards are a critical component for many energy-based engines and reactors.

Protective Gear

A Helmet will protect your Goblin's head and keep him working. A well-protected head means more time in the mine and less time in the infirmary. If equipped, a Player will yield higher scores in the mining operation.


Explosives boost your score and contribute to the mine's prize pool. Loaded with Usternium-rich explosive powder and detonated with the help of a Gnomish synchronized fuse timer, the Explosive consumable can blast past even the toughest terrain. Earplugs and a wide berth are strongly recommended.

SPES Petals

Each MetaGoblin NFT and Goblineer NFT comes equipped with a predetermined maximum number of SPES Petals. A SPES Petal is akin to a "Life" or "Energy Charge." It represents HOPE to the characters. Every time you play a MetaMinez game instance, one SPES Petal is consumed.

A MetaGoblin NFT is minted with its maximum allowable number of SPES Petals, which recharges after it is used. The Base Recharge Rate of a MetaGoblin SPES Petal is 10% per day, per NFT. On the other hand, Goblineers NFTs are a single-use consumable asset that comes with One (1) SPES Petal and cannot recharge.

You should note that owning a rarer MetaGoblin NFT does NOT increase your SPES Petal daily Recharge Rate. However, a Player may purchase a SPES Petal Booster to fully replenish one MetaGoblin's SPES Petal Count to its maximum value.


  • Land Focus Bonus – MetaGoblin NFTs are minted with a Land Focus Bonus. If the MetaGoblin Land Focus matches the Terrain Type of an individual MetaMinez game instance, Players receive an additional 5% Player Score Bonus.

In-Game Consumable Assets

In-Game Consumable Assets may be used to increase your Miner's proficiency in a MetaMinez game instance. Before deploying your Miner into the Mine, you may select any available in-game consumables from your account. The following In-Game Consumable Assets will be available at launch:

  • SPES Petal Full Recharge Boost (SPFRB) - Fully replenish one MetaGoblin NFT's SPES Petal count to its maximum value

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