Legal Disclaimer

By purchasing $MBLZ or using the Blaziverse dApp, you acknowledge that you understand and accept that the purchase, ownership, receipt, or possession of $MBLZ carry no rights, express or implied, other than the right to use such tokens as a means to participate, interact or transact within the Blaziverse dApp. In particular, you understand and accept that $MBLZ do not represent or confer any ownership right or stake, share, security, or equivalent rights, or any right to receive future revenue shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in or relating to MetaBlaze Ltd or any of its corporate affiliates, other than any rights relating to the provision and receipt of services from MetaBlaze Ltd made available within the Blaziverse dApp. $MBLZ are not intended to be utilized outside the Blaziverse dApp nor as a digital currency, security, commodity, or any kind of financial instrument, and MetaBlaze Ltd shall not be liable to you for any losses or damages that you may incur as a result of using or obtaining $MBLZ for anything besides their intended use within the Blaziverse dApp.

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