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MetaGoblin NFT

The MetaGoblins are our inaugural 10K NFT Collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. They are a primary asset to be placed inside a MetaMinez Game Instance. A MetaGoblin may be used in the game repeatedly, unlike the in-game Goblineer NFT (below), which can only be used once.
When you place a MetaGoblin in a MetaMinez game instance, you receive bonus multipliers that directly affect your "Player Score" in the game. Depending on the "Rarity" and "Land Focus" of your MetaGoblin, " you could almost DOUBLE your Mining Power. Again – this is an example of a primary function baked into the MetaGoblin at launch.

MetaGoblin Rarity Level

Each MetaGoblin NFT has a built-in Rarity Level. The rarer your MetaGoblin is, the more in-game bonuses you will receive. The mintage counts are as follows:
  • Mystical - 8897 minted
  • Epic - 1000 minted
  • Legendary - 100 minted
  • Rare King - 3 minted
Mystical MetaGoblin
Epic MetaGoblin
Legendary MetaGoblin
Rare King MetaGoblin

MetaGoblin Land Focus Type

The SES Moon is a dangerous place with many different types of terrain in which Terranzinite Crystals are buried. Each MetaMinez game instance has a Terrain Type within its Mine. Each MetaGoblin NFT is minted with a random Land Focus Type, which is the Terrain Type the MetaGoblin is best suited to mine, or work in.
A MetaGoblin that enters a MetaMinez game instance that matches its Land Focus Type receives additional bonuses.
Don't worry - even if your MetaGoblin doesn't match the game instance's terrain type, it can still enter but just won't receive a bonus.
Each MetaGoblin will be minted with one of the following Land Focus Types:
  • Carbon
  • Glacial
  • Igneous
  • Sedimentary