Security Audits

MetaBlaze understands it is critical to make sure the code in our Smart Contracts is audited to confirm their security.

An Audit includes an identification of security vulnerabilities, design flaws, and undocumented features within the smart contract code that could lead to exploitation. The review will also verify the consistency between the logic described in our Whitepaper and the logic implemented in the actual source code.

In addition to the Smart Contract code audits, MetaBlaze has been awarded a Comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) Badge through Certik, which brings an additional security layer to our project and proves to the community and to the world our willingness to demonstrate the highest level of transparency and trustworthiness.

Along with having our token smart contract go through an intensive audit and the core team members go through KYC Verification, MetaBlaze leverages CertiK's Skynet services.

Certik Skynet actively monitors and displays on-chain insights for smart contracts using industry-leading technologies. It performs continuous AI-based scanning of our code using CertiK's growing database of new vulnerabilities. It will also analyze our project's on-chain data and growth performance over time and identify any anomalies with active flash loan detection and DEX liquidity monitoring.

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