NFT Utility

After detailing the primary functions of each NFT type, we look ahead to the future of our NFTs and the exciting possibilities that will enhance their utility. While we can't reveal all our plans just yet, we offer a glimpse of the concepts and functionalities to come:

  • Combining multiple MetaGoblins in certain game instances to unlock more potent Bonuses or Rewards.

  • Earning bonuses by grouping specific MetaGoblins with NFT species from the "same part of the Galaxia Blue saga."

  • Introducing unique Gear or Equipment that bestows advantages to NFT holders.

  • Crafting new assets through the consumption of an NFT as part of a recipe, leading to the birth of new characters, equipment, stars, Moons, planets, solar systems, or even personalized GALAXY creations.

These forthcoming iterations will elevate the experience of our NFT holders, adding depth and excitement to their journey through the vast and captivating MetaBlaze Universe.

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