MetaRoyal NFT

The esteemed MetaRoyals NFT Collection is reserved exclusively for our most distinguished supporters – individuals who have contributed at least $10,000 during Presale Phase One (or $15,000 in later phases) of MetaBlaze's development. This exclusive collection features a lineup of captivating character species, carefully curated to elevate the gaming experience.The MetaRoyal NFT Collection consists of the following character species:

  • Dwarves

  • Elves

  • Gnomes

  • Orcs

MetaBlaze receives a royalty payment of 10% of the sale price each time one of our 10K Collection NFTs (such as MetaGoblins) is resold on a secondary marketplace such as OpenSea or Rarible. There is no limit to the number of times an NFT may be sold. After MetaBlaze receives its monthly royalty payment, we will then distribute 10% of the total to MetaRoyal NFT owners as a reward, just for holding on to their MetaRoyal NFT and being an important contributor to the MetaBlaze Community.

Here’s how it works

"Buyer A" purchases MetaGoblin 10K NFT #1032 for $300 as part of the MetaGoblin 10K NFT Collection's initial sale. "Buyer A" decides to sell MetaGoblin NFT #1032 on OpenSea Marketplace to "Buyer B" for $1000. From that amount, MetaBlaze will receive a 10% Royalty, or $100, from the sale. MetaBlaze will pass along 10% of that royalty amount, or $10, proportionally to all current holders of MetaRoyal Club NFTs.

This royalty represents the MetaRoyal NFT's primary function at launch. No other function exists (for now...)

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