Blaziverse dApp

Galaxia Blue is part of MetaBlaze’s Universe – the backdrop where our story unfolds. It’s clear to us that NFT-Based Blockchain Gaming in the Metaverse is going to become a saturated marketplace in the years to come. To ensure we’re at the bleeding edge of the movement, we’ve placed an incredible amount of energy into the forging of our Narrative – one that will drive new Players towards MetaBlaze for years to come.
We’ve combined the elements of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Role Playing, Strategy, Lore, and more – into our Blaziverse. When you connect your wallet to our dApp, we want you to feel like you’re entering another Universe, one that is immersive, meaningful, and magical. We want your NFT Collection to mean something to you, and to those who are sharing the experience with you. Our Blaziverse dApp is designed to accomplish just this.
All journeys begin with a single step – and ours begins with core functionality within the Blaziverse dApp. Some of these features may not be available at Launch; however, they will be added over time as the infrastructure necessary to support them continues to be built.