The MetaBlaze RPG Game

MetaBlaze’s flagship product, a fully immersive, on-chain Role Playing Game, will be your way to explore the vastness of Galaxia Blue, completing incredible quests along the way. Your goal will be to establish a foothold across the Cosmos, generate resources, forge alliances, wage wars, and establish your empire.

You will choose a character from amongst the multitude of species within Galaxia Blue, possessing nothing more than a starship. Your character will possess unique traits, characteristics, and skillsets. Through your adventures, you will obtain space stations, moons, planets, solar systems, and possibly...your own Galaxy!

Players will battle over key regions of space - control trade routes and hubs of economic importance - and strategically position themselves as pillars of the in-game community.

The Game will feature absolutely stunning visuals, crafted from state-of-the-art game engines. Player empires will be completely customizable. There will be advantages and disadvantages to establishing complex Space Station Systems vs Moon-Based Systems, for example. Each decision a Player makes will have consequences, leading some to glorious victory, and others to devastating ruin. Where will you reside in the annals of Galaxia Blue's history logs?

We're not ready to divulge too many details on The Game, as we're still in the absolutely nascent days of development. Along the way to its release, we'll continue to build out the ecosystem within the Blaziverse in anticipation of its future deployment.

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