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Play-to-Earn (P2E) Ecosystem

The Story Becomes The Ecosystem

As a Player within the Blaziverse Decentralized Application (Blaziverse dApp), you will participate in mini games, events, and experiences that are directly derived from the narrative of Galaxia Blue. As we continue to expand and develop the Blaziverse, we are committed to providing increasing utility for existing (as well as new) NFT Collections. The same holds true for our token, $MBLZ.
When you hold a MetaBlaze Digital Asset – you are not only holding whatever current function is assigned to the Asset – you are also holding whatever future functions may be assigned to the Asset.
This unique approach to Digital Asset Management ensures an increasing purpose for all MetaBlaze assets. As each new game (or expansion of an existing game) rolls out, we will create increasing bonuses and use cases for the existing assets in our ecosystem(s). Our ecosystems are designed to be expansive, and interoperable. A Player should never feel left out for not owning a specific asset – but we DO want to reward those Players that do own them, as well!
This thought process is thematic with the MetaBlaze Vision. We don’t simply look to provide another humdrum, Play-to-Earn game within another run-of-the-mill dApp. We’re dedicated to providing, “incredible, ever increasingly immersive gaming experiences.” Eventually, our games will incentivize the holding of multiple NFTs from multiple collections – as a way of unlocking the greatest of Rewards.

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As a specific example of this commitment, let’s briefly discuss MetaBlaze’s Inaugural Mini Game.
MetaMinez is a Rewards-Pool, Instance-Based, Play-to-Earn, Strategy game. Via the Blaziverse dApp, Players deploy their NFT assets (MetaGoblin or Goblin) into a Terranzinite Mine along with as many Mining Rigs, or $MBLZ tokens, as they possibly can.
Depending on the number of Mining Rigs and type of NFT assets deployed into the mine (rarer NFT characters receive Mining Rig bonuses), the Player will generate their Total Mining Power. Once all Players have loaded their assets into the Mine, all Players' respective Total Mining Power are tabulated. At the game's conclusion, Players will receive Rewards, in the form of Terranzinite Crystals, based on how much “power” their Mining Power represents vs. all Players’ Mining Power.
The gameplay of the MetaMinez is not intensive or highly interactive by design. As long as a Player registers to enter a MetaMinez game by the cut-off/deadline, THEY’RE IN. Once the game instance is over, Players collect their Terranzinite Crystals!