MetaGoblin NFT

The MetaGoblins are our inaugural 10K NFT Collection, consisting of 10,000 unique NFTs. They are a primary asset to be placed inside a MetaMinez Game Instance (more on MetaMinez later!) A MetaGoblin may be used in the game over and over again, unlike the in-game Goblin NFT (below), which can only be used once.

When you place a MetaGoblin in a MetaMinez game instance, you receive bonus multipliers that directly affect your “Total Mining Power” in the game. Depending on the “Rarity” and “Land Focus” of your MetaGoblin, you could possibly almost DOUBLE your Mining Power. Again – this is an example of a primary function, baked into the MetaGoblin at launch.

MetaGoblin Rarity Level

Each MetaGoblin NFT has a built-in Rarity Level. The rarer your MetaGoblin is, the more in-game bonuses you will receive. The mintage counts are as follows:

  • Mystical - 8897 minted

  • Epic - 1000 minted

  • Legendary - 100 minted

  • Rare King - 3 minted

MetaGoblin Land Focus Type

The SES Moon is a dangerous place with many different types of terrain in which Terranzinite Crystals are buried. Each MetaMinez game instance has a Terrain Type within its Mine. Each MetaGoblin NFT is minted with a random Land Focus Type, which is the Terrain Type the MetaGoblin is best suited to mine, or work in.

A MetaGoblin that enters a MetaMinez game instance that matches its Land Focus Type receives additional bonuses.

Don't worry - even if your MetaGoblin doesn't match the game instance's terrain type, it can still enter but just won't receive a bonus.

Each MetaGoblin will be minted with one of the following Land Focus Types:

  • Carbon

  • Glacial

  • Igneous

  • Sedimentary

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