NFT Utility

Now that we've explained the Primary Functions of each type of NFT, what else can you expect from our NFTs to drive up their utility? We're not quite ready to reveal all of our exciting plans just yet, but in the interest of whetting your appetite, here are some concepts and functionality you can expect in future iterations of our Mini Games and the Blaziverse:
  • Combine two or more MetaGoblins in certain game instances to yield even more powerful Bonuses or Rewards
  • Provide bonuses for grouping specific MetaGoblins with other NFT species from the “same part of the Galaxia Blue saga” (Synergy Bonuses)
  • Introduce “Gear” or “Equipment” that provide unique advantages (Stat Boosters)
  • Call for Aid – Opportunities at specific junctures in-game to add an NFT from a different Collection/Series into a Game they have “no business” being in!
  • Craft New Assets – The ability to consume an NFT as part of a recipe, one that may birth a new character, piece of equipment, stat, moon, planet, solar system, or perhaps even your own GALAXY!