A Deep Dive into Taxes, Reflections, and $MBLZ Tokenomics

Over the past 24 months, the cryptocurrency community has had its fair share of tax-based tokens. At the beginning of the craze, taxes placed on tokens were hailed as a revolutionary revenue-generating mechanism, one that promised to ensure projects remained well funded long into their future. The shiny façade of tax-based tokens fell under strain, however, as it became clear that success with taxation was not a foregone conclusion.
With this in mind, MetaBlaze has designed a tax schedule to be implemented over two main Tax Phases.

Timeline-Based Tax Schedule

The first 90 days from Launch will employ the following Timeline-Based Tax Schedule:
As expressed in the table above – Buy/Sell taxes are set at 5% Buy / 15% Sell on Launch Day (Day One), coupled with a high Metaflection (aka Reflection) rate of 5% that is distributed to token holders on Sell transactions. Over the next 60 days, we’ll reduce the overall taxes until eventually, beginning on Day 61, they reach 5% Buy / 5% Sell.
Note: Metaflections are completely removed on Day 61, by design. This is what we refer to as our Timeline Driven Tax Reduction Strategy.

Milestone-Based Tax Schedule

From Day 90 forward, our strategy shifts as we move to a Milestone-Driven Tax Reduction Strategy. In this Tax Phase, Buy/Sell taxes are reduced as MetaBlaze’s overall Market Capitalization increases.
Note: These tax reductions are unidirectional and irreversible. For example, when MetaBlaze’s Market Capitalization reaches $500 Million, the taxes will reduce from 2% to 0% on Buys, but remain at 5% on Sells. If for some reason, MetaBlaze’s Market Capitalization were to dip back below $500 Million to $490 Milion – the taxes will remain at 0% on Buys and 5% on Sells, and will NOT revert to 2% on Buys.