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MetaMinez Game Mechanics

Game Instance Registration

Each MetaMinez game instance has a specific window of time in which anyone may register. This is known as the Game Registration Period. Once the Game Registration Period ends, no additional Players may enter this specific game instance. The game instance's participants and their respective Total Mining Power are then tabulated.

Operation Duration

The Operation Duration, which is the length of time a game will be active, will be 24-48 hours. After the game instance is completed, Players may return to collect their Terranzinite Crystals.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawals

Cryptocurrencies earned from Terranzinite Crystals are viewable in the Player's Account/Profile Tab in the Blaziverse dApp.
  • Players may initiate a request to withdraw cryptocurrencies from their Account at any time.
  • Withdrawal requests are processed once a week
  • Each cryptocurrency may have a minimum withdrawal amount
  • Due to price fluctuations, the fiat value of the cryptocurrency at the time of withdrawal request may differ from the value sent at the time of the weekly transfer
  • There are minimal processing (gas) fees associated with withdrawing cryptocurrency from the Blaziverse dApp

Game Notes

It is important to note that MetaMinez is NOT a Staking Pool. Players are NOT committing their $MBLZ Tokens via a Smart Contract.
Players will never see their $MBLZ Token balance increase or decrease as a result of playing a MetaMinez game instance. The $MBLZ Tokens are simply committed to the game instance, not removed from the Player's wallet.
When a Player enters a MetaMinez game instance, they must commit some $MBLZ Tokens to play. The Player's wallet balance will be checked prior to, as well as after, each MetaMinez game instance. The Player's wallet balance must NOT DECREASE below the amount they committed to the game instance or they will be disqualified from the game and will not earn any rewards.
A Player may enter as many Mines (game instances) as they want, but they cannot commit the exact same tokens to multiple games running concurrently. For example, if a Player owns 1 Million $MBLZ tokens and has committed 1 Million to a game instance, they may not commit that same 1 Million to another game instance that starts before the first one is completed.
Players may sell any excess $MBLZ Tokens, over and above the number of tokens committed to the game instance, without being penalized.
Players are NOT GUARANTEED to be awarded a specific number of Terranzinite Crystals based on their Total Mining Power. MetaBlaze utilizes a system for awarding Terranzinite Crystals. Players with a higher Total Mining Power have a stronger likelihood of earning/finding more Terranzinite Crystals as opposed to Players with less Total Mining Power.