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MetaMinez Mini Game

As told in the annals of our Galaxia Blue saga, the MetaGoblins of Planet Glozark rely heavily on Terranzinite Crystals as a primary resource. Terranzinite powers almost all of MetaGoblin technology, as well as serving as their currency, and sometimes even as a food ingredient. Unfortunately, the power source is not renewable, takes millions of years to form, and is increasingly scarce. After the Nuclear War ravaged most of Galaxia Blue, the MetaGoblins traveled to the distant and mysterious SES Moon in hopes of excavating Terranzinite from its treacherous landscapes.

A Strategic, Rewards-Generating Gaming Experience

MetaMinez is a strategic, time-bound, rewards-generating, Play-to-Earn Mini Game. A full schedule of available MetaMinez games is viewable in the Game Lobby. As long as the Registration Period for a Game is open, players are welcome to participate.
Players enter a Mine by selecting a Miner (MetaGoblin NFT or Goblin NFT), committing $MBLZ Tokens (which become the Miner’s “Mining Rigs”), supplying one SPES Petal (“Life”), and selecting any additional in-game consumable as needed or appropriate for the situation.
Once you’ve made your selections, your Miner is deployed into the Mine. Your Total Mining Power, along with the rest of the Players' Total Mining Power, is calculated for this specific MetaMinez game instance.
After a fixed period, or Operation Duration, the game is finished and Rewards are distributed in the form of Terranzinite Crystals. Each Player may claim their share of the Terranzinite Crystals found in the Mine!