P2E Ecosystem NFT Collections

At MetaBlaze, NFTs are released in Collections or Series. Our Collections are more than just beautiful pieces of art. They are the very elements that are necessary to participate in our ecosystem. Each NFT series is launched with explicitly detailed functionality. There are no “just art” NFTs within the MetaBlaze Blaziverse. All NFTs launch with at least one established purpose within the Blaziverse – with more purposes slotted to be added as the Blaziverse continues to expand.

Not all future purposes will be explained at the launch of each Collection, so in short – you’re going to want to think long and hard before you decide to part with ANY MetaBlaze asset, as doing so is to part ways with not only the current functionality, but all future functionality, already expressed or otherwise.

To illustrate this, let’s take a look at the NFTs available at Launch:

  • MetaRoyals (maximum supply 200)

  • MetaGoblins (maximum supply 10,000)

  • Goblins (maximum supply (100,000)

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