Counting Votes Across Galaxia Blue

As we advance the MetaBlaze Ecosystem, certain topics will warrant Community input. To be clear, the MetaBlaze Decentralized Autonomous Organization (MetaBlazeDAO) will not serve as a governance tool for the whole of the organization. Instead, topics involving certain Reward Structures, roll-outs, product prioritization, and more may be put to vote via the DAO.
Participation requirements will vary depending on the topic up for vote.
The MetaBlazeDAO will consist of three branches:
  1. 1.
    Community Members (token holders)
  2. 2.
    Proposal Managers
  3. 3.
Any Community Member may submit a Proposal to the Proposal Managers for review. Proposal Managers convene periodically to determine if the Proposal meets the following criteria:
  • Proposals must be presented explicitly and specifically, and must be SMART:
    • Specific in its explanation
    • Measurable in how success/failure will be determined
    • Attainable in its defined scope
    • Realistic in its expressed goal
    • Time-bound (not open-ended) in its execution
  • The Proposal must not place the Company, its Community/Team Members, or Company Products/Services in peril as a result of its implementation
As long as the above criteria is met, the Proposal may be advanced to the voting stage.
For a Proposal Vote to be considered Passed, it must meet the Quorum, or minimum approved vote participation threshold.
After a Proposal Vote is passed, the DAO Guardian/Custodian executes the specific action required as part of the Proposal.
We are looking forward to going into more detail about the MetaBlazeDAO as we get closer to deployment.