$MBLZ Token

The Currency of Galaxia Blue, and Beyond…

MetaBlaze’s core token, $MBLZ, is at the center of the Ecosystem, and is necessary to participate in any of our games. The tokenomic design associated with $MBLZ went through many iterations before the final model was agreed upon by the core team. Our goal was to create a token with multiple utility functions. To this end:
  • Players will quickly learn a simple truth – the more $MBLZ they possess, the more powerful their MetaBlaze experience becomes. Case in point – in the MetaMinez game, each $MBLZ token equates to one Mining Rig. Player success in the Mine directly correlates to the number of Mining Rigs they send in, or deploy to the game instance. More $MBLZ tokens => greater chance of larger victories!
  • All in-game Consumables and Mystery Boxes (aka Moon Capsules), etc. may only be purchased with $MBLZ Tokens
  • A percentage of all $MBLZ tokens spent on transactions in the Blaziverse will automatically be removed from the ecosystem
  • 48% of the Maximum Supply is slated to be removed from the ecosystem permanently
You can easily see how the token’s natural functions promote increasing utility as the MetaBlaze Blaziverse expands.

MetaBlaze Token Overview

Token Allocation at Launch

$MBLZ Utility

MetaBlaze takes the position that $MLBZ is a Utility Token, in that it is by nature and design, a consumptive item to be used in our future blockchain strategy games. $MBLZ is a currency specifically made for and used within our ecosystem.