The Metaverse - a limitless landscape with endless possibilities; an opportunity to create, transform, and transition value; the next step in the evolution of Blockchain (and the Internet) as a whole.

For something with so much potential, you would think the Metaverse would have a more concrete definition. The truth is - most people will fail to succinctly and accurately define the Metaverse for many years to come.

At MetaBlaze, the Metaverse is at the very center of our Company Vision. We’re building an experience, one that becomes more immersive with each iteration of our journey.

“At its core, MetaBlaze is a Rewards-Generating gaming platform with Role-Playing & Strategy at its heart – it integrates highly valued on-chain assets with incredible, ever increasingly immersive gaming experiences.”

Wow. That’s certainly a lot to promise – and a lot to process.

There are innumerable components to build, with so many disciplines requiring nothing short of Mastery – if we are to turn this massive company Vision into a (virtual) reality. Each topic is certainly worthy of its own focus. Throughout this Whitepaper, these topics will be thoroughly expanded upon, detailed, and delineated.

As usual, it’s probably best to begin…at the beginning.

In the beginning, there was a distant galaxy, known as Galaxia Blue…

All MetaBlaze products, be it the games, the NFT characters, the artwork, and/or the experiences, follow a narrative of most epic proportions – the storytelling of the peoples of Galaxia Blue – a distant and mysterious place marked with heroism, villainy, adventure, technology, war, love, humor, violence, kindness, and most importantly, Hope (SPES). The long-term goal at MetaBlaze is to launch our Flagship Game. We’re keeping most of the details associated with this specific game close to the vest for legal and development reasons, but we can divulge that it has Role-Playing, Strategy, and World-Building as major tenets. On our way to achieving this massive milestone, we will release many NFT Collections, Mini-Games, and more.

Our story begins with the arrival of the Legendary MetaGoblins on the SES Moon, a strange, distant space rock teeming not with life, but with the MetaGoblins’ most coveted resource, the Terranzinite Crystal. The Legendary MetaGoblins are tasked with finding an effective and efficient way of excavating the crystals from the Moon’s treacherous landscapes, and sending them home to their dying planet, Glozark. Depending on the terrain landscape of the mine, some MetaGoblins are better suited for the challenge than others. As such, some MetaGoblins are more successful in extracting Terranzinite Crystals from the Moon’s surface and depths than others.

The MetaGoblins’ mission is complicated by the presence of the MetaRoyals – the few that remain of a once “Great Galactic, Multi-Species People” - a people that imposed a system of taxation on the other races of Galaxia Blue, and ultimately led those races to Nuclear War.

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