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Meet the Management Team

Blaise is a team player with an innate desire to serve others in all that he does. He is a highly motivated, ambitious, and detail-oriented individual who provides unrivaled customer service. He is a committed person by nature who has had great success starting, operating, and scaling vertically integrated companies. He has ample experience mobilizing people and their resources to achieve any/all objectives. He began his entrepreneurial journey 14 years ago, as founder and operator of various multi-regional cannabis businesses, beginning with 1 employee and growing to 120+ employees. He has gained a wealth of experience in marketing, finance, and the overall business world. He is the analytical type who always seeks to identify potential hurdles in business and have clear and effective solutions in place, should such obstacles ever arise. Blaise is an honest, hardworking, and empathetic person that always looks for win-win solutions to difficult problems. He always puts himself before others and has strong family values. Overall, Blaise’s truest satisfaction comes from pleasing others and making others smile.
Mobeen is an Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker with 10+ years in the financial and customer services sector, Mobeen Malik has gained extensive experience in the investment and business world. He has proven success starting and running profitable businesses. Mobeen is Owner/Founder of Blacksquale, a company that reflects his entrepreneurship dream and desire for success. He is a strong support professional with a bachelor’s degree majoring in management, business, marketing, and related support services. Mobeen is goal-oriented and self-driven, which allows him to set his own priorities and expectations and strive to attain them. His excellent analytical skills and healthy competitive spirit are critical for a performance-oriented environment, helping him excel in the financial sector. Mobeen uses his passion for finance and support services as his source of motivation to explore additional entrepreneurial activities in these fields. This has prompted him to fully immerse himself into METABLAZE. Linkedin:
Michelle was fascinated with computers all the way back in the late 70’s and decided to be one of the few women to obtain an Information Technology degree in the mid-80’s. A self-professed math geek, she spent over 18 years in corporate IT, spending her final years managing multimillion dollar projects. Never one to turn down a dare, she stepped away from the panty hose and took on the national sports photography chains and entrepreneured her way into business ownership. Over the past 15 years Michelle has taken over market share and has grown her sports league photography business from only 100 kids in the first year to over 20K kids in 2021. Ready for a new challenge, she has become fully-vested into everything crypto and is METABLAZE’s virtual team mom, cracking the whip and making sure everything gets done.
Jeyhun is a graduate of Cherkassy Technology University in Ukraine. Solid, well-versed background in both software and game development. Started programming in Eclipse as a child and has rapidly progressed to be a top software engineer in multiple programming languages, including C, Java, C#, SQL, Dart, and Python. Solid background in blockchain technology and Solidity. Jeyhun has created RPG games for Bad Button Studio and will be using his experience to build our upcoming featured products. You’re going to be amazed by what he’s planning for METABLAZE! Linkedin:
Toghrul is a graduate of Azerbaijan Technical University, Toghrul has extensive experience in software development for both government and public companies. He has a solid multiple-language programming background, as well as being well-versed in server and backend technology. Toghrul will be managing our server farm and system security, and is creating our web presence. His business application knowledge has proved to be a strong asset with our product development. Linkedin: