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MetaMinez Game Terminology

Mine Terrain Type

Each MetaMinez game instance has a Terrain Type within its Mine. The following Terrain Types are present on the SES Moon:
  • Carbon
  • Glacial
  • Igneous
  • Sedimentary


To play MetaMinez, you will need to own a MetaGoblin NFT or a Goblin NFT to serve as your Miner. When you enter a Mine, the game will display a list of your available NFTs to choose from.
You may recall that each MetaGoblin NFT includes a Land Focus Type, which tells you the Terrain Type the MetaGoblin is best suited to mine, or work in. A MetaGoblin NFT that has a Land Focus Typer that matches the Mine's Terrain Type will receive an additional bonus in the Total Mining Power calculation. A MetaGoblin NFT may be used in as many games as you want, as long as it has time to refresh/rest after a game is completed.
Don't worry - even if your MetaGoblin doesn't match the game instance's terrain type, it can still enter the Mine but just won't receive a bonus.
A Goblin NFT may also be used as the Miner, but it will not be eligible for any Land Focus Type bonuses, and may only be used one time.

SPES Petals

Each MetaGoblin NFT and Goblin NFT comes equipped with a predetermined, maximum number of SPES Petals. A SPES Petal is akin to a “Life” or “Energy Charges”. It represents HOPE to the characters. Every time you play a MetaMinez game instance, one SPES Petal is consumed.
Each MetaGoblin NFT is minted with its maximum allowable number of SPES Petals, which recharges after it is used. The Base Recharge Rate of a MetaGoblin SPES Petal is 10% per day, per NFT. On the other hand, Goblin NFTs s are one-time use consumable assets that come with One (1) SPES Petal and are unable to recharge.
You should note that owning a rarer MetaGoblin NFT does NOT increase your SPES Petal daily Recharge Rate, but there are several ways a Player may increase their MetaGoblin's Recharge Rate or refill their SPES Petals:
  • Own More NFTs – Each additional MetaGoblin NFT or MetaRoyal NFT in a Player’s BlazeVault increases their Daily Spes Petal Recharge Rate by 5% per day
  • Level Up – For each Level achieved in the Player's account, the SPES Petal Recharge Rate increases by 0.25% per day, up to Level 20
  • Use a SPES Petal Booster Consumable – There are two types of SPES Petal Booster Consumables in MetaMinez:
    • SPES Petal Recharge Rate Boost (SPRRB) - Boost your SPES Petal Recharge Rate by 50% per day per MetaGoblin/MetaRoyal NFT for 24 hours
    • SPES Petal Full Recharge Boost (SPFRB) - Fully replenish one MetaGoblin NFT's SPES Petal count to its maximum value

Mining Rigs

Your Miner can’t excavate the treacherous landscapes of the SES Moon alone! To assist them, each Miner enters a MetaMinez game with Mining Rigs, which are small, flying mining machines that excavate and expose Terranzinite Crystals from their homes beneath the surface. Each $MBLZ Token you place in the mine with your Miner equates to One Mining Rig. The more Mining Rigs you have, the more Terranzinite Crystals you can find.
One $MBLZ Token = One Mining Rig

Mining Rig Bonuses

There are two in-game bonuses available to MetaGoblin Miners automatically – Rarity Bonus and Land Focus Bonus - which were previously discussed in the MetaGoblin NFT section of this document.
  • Rarity Bonus - MetaGoblin Rarity Levels provide Mining Rig Bonuses as follows:
    • Mystical - 5% bonus
    • Epic - 10% bonus
    • Legendary - 25% bonus
    • Rare King - 50% bonus
  • Land Focus Bonus – MetaGoblin NFTs are minted with a Land Focus Bonus. If the MetaGoblin Land Focus matches the Terrain Type of an individual MetaMinez game instance, Players receive an additional 5% Mining Rig Bonus.
Note: Goblin NFTs do NOT receive Rarity or Land Focus Bonuses!

Total Mining Power

Your Total Mining Power is the calculated total of your Mining Rigs multiplied by your in-game bonuses.
To help illustrate this, let’s assume a MetaMinez game instance is announced – and the Mine has a Glacial Terrain Type.
Let’s take a look at some scenarios and how they affect several Players’ Total Mining Power. For this example, each Player is entering with One Million $MBLZ Tokens. As you can see, MetaGoblin NFT Rarity and Land Focus are taken into account when calculating the Total Mining Power for each player.
When we look at the above table, we can see how both the Rarity and Land Focus directly impact a Player’s Total Mining Power, with Players gaining anywhere from 5% to 55% in additional Mining Power above their initial Mining Rigs (or $MBLZ Tokens) entered.

Moon Capsules

Moon Capsules are mystery boxes that may be purchased outside of the MetaMinez game via our Blaziverse dApp Marketplace. Moon Capsules may only be purchased with $MBLZ tokens, and 10% of all $MBLZ tokens used to purchase Moon Capsules are removed from the ecosystem permanently. Contents of Moon Capsules may include, but are not limited to, the following rewards:
  • SPES Petal Full Recharge Essence - collect essences to form a SPES Petal Full Recharge Boost (SPFRB)
  • SPES Petal Recharge Rate Boost Essence - collect essences to form a SPES Petal Full Recharge Rate Boost (SPRRB)
  • Terranzinite Crystal - contains cryptocurrency prizes
  • One-Game Focus Boost Essence - collect essences to form a One-Game Focus Boost (OGFB)
  • MetaGoblin NFT
  • Goblin NFT
Note: Prizes found in Moon Capsules are held in the BlazeVault until the player decides to use them.

In-Game Consumable Assets

In-Game Consumable Assets may be used to increase your Miner’s proficiency in a MetaMinez game instance. You may select any available in-game consumable from your account prior to deploying your Miner into the Mine. The following In-Game Consumable Assets will be available at launch:
  • One-Game Focus Boost (OGFB) – The OGFB allows you to change the Land Focus of any MetaGoblin -or- ADD a Land Focus to a Goblin. This effect lasts for one MetaMinez game only. MetaGoblins/Goblins that have this effect applied will automatically receive the Land Focus Bonus (5% more Mining Rigs) towards their Total Mining Power.
    • MetaGoblins that have used the OGFB will revert to their original/native Land Focus after the game instance is completed.
    • Goblins that have this Boost applied will revert to having NO Land Focus after one use.
  • SPES Petal Recharge Rate Boost (SPRRB) - Boost your SPES Petal Recharge Rate by 50% per day per MetaGoblin/MetaRoyal NFT for 24 hours
  • SPES Petal Full Recharge Boost (SPFRB) - Fully replenish one MetaGoblin NFT's SPES Petal count to its maximum value

Terranzinite Crystals

Terranzinite Crystals are the Rewards players earn in MetaMinez. Each MetaMinez Mine has a predetermined number of Terranzinite Crystals, which contain one of any number of cryptocurrencies in various denominations.
More Total Mining Power ==> greater chance of excavating more Terranzinite Crystals!
Some Terranzinite Crystals may contain some pretty big Rewards, so Players are definitely going to want to enter each Mine with the MOST Mining Power they can muster!
The fiat valuation of each Terranzinite Crystal may vary due to a fluctuation in cryptocurrency prices from the time the crypto was encased in the Terranzinite Crystal and the time it is opened by a player.
Unopened Terranzinite Crystals are viewable in the BlazeVault within the Blaziverse dApp.