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Governance & Security

MetaBlaze is anticipating a number of security risks that must be addressed. We are aware of the risk of falling victim to scammers, who create and publish fake token sale contracts. To counteract this, we will publish our Smart Contract Address on our website, in Social Media channels, and all of our official communications such as Medium and Newsletters and direct our customers to use official links only. We will also delete message with fake addresses from fake accounts. Our team will be vigilant in removing any social media phishing, counteracting any false information, and deleting fraudulent links.
MetaBlaze will not activate our Smart Contact on a DEX or share the contract address until just prior to our Initial Token Offering. We will release the address information simultaneously on all communication channels after launch. This is an intentional and deliberate decision that is intended to reduce the amount of preparation time for potential attacks, phishers, stolen liquidity, and fraudulent transactions
Our development team of professionals has implemented plans to identify, prepare for, and implement measures to eliminate:
  • Information Technology Risks, which include cybersecurity threats and security of crypto wallets
  • Operational Risks, including IT infrastructure, daily operations. We trust our team but are managing key person risks by implementing multiple levels of access for critical information. In addition, we will have independent legal and accounting teams reviewing our incorporation, financial statement, and tax filings to ensure we comply in a global economy.
  • Fraud Risks, in that we will prevent attempts from within or outside our organization to misappropriate our assets, tokens, of proceeds from token sales through use of multi-signature wallets and multi-signature bank accounts.